A Sip in Time

BVW course project - 2019.11

A time travel puzzle-solving game. The overall art style is 20s gothic. I took charge of the overall art style, concept art, and character modeling. It is a 4-week project. I take Blender as my main tool to build the environment and character. Also, I use Zbrush and substance painter to make the high mesh, retopology and bake normal map. I took charge of the game producer and artist. This game made to the BVW festival and I designed the theming plan.

Concept Art

Screen shots

bar scene

Train scene

Train scene(close up) with UI

Party scene

Cruise scene

Model details

Applying IK and FK

Armature animation

Making tree using modular tree add-on in Blender

Sculpting in Blender

Cruise wire mode

Theming plan

Drawing over using Procreate

Final result

Guests playing during festival

Credits as menu

The art style is inspired by Sleep No More. We all loved that show and we want to go for the 20-30s style. We combined gothic and retro, together with a time travel story, made this game more mysterious and intriguing. We researched the bar at that time, the mainstream music, even the art that indicates Time. Eventually, we chose Dali to be the artist that represents the art style.